About Us

The President of MJRW, Inc., Madison Whittle is a native of Danville, VA. He attended Sacred Heart Catholic School and graduated from GWHS.

After graduating, Mr. Whittle moved from Shift manager of the family business Whittle Plywood in Chatham, VA to sales management for the plant in Arkansas.  With all the intestinal fortitude of his parents and family and the help of Governor Bill Clinton, they built the plant in Truman, Arkansas, which became one of the largest independent plywood producers in the country.

The sale of Whittle Plywood to Columbia Forest Products, became the birth of MJRW, Inc. in 1988.  MJRW, Inc opened the first Subway in Danville, VA, located in Riverside Shopping Center.  After the success of the first Subway, MJRW Inc. bought property at 1121 Piney Forest Road and opened the second Subway in Danville.  In 1995 both Subway franchises were sold and MJRW, Inc. entered into the current business model of real estate development.

Madison Square was the first retail property developed.  Madison Square, a retail shopping center located on the corner of Mount Cross Road and Piedmont Drive in Danville, VA., includes national, regional and local tenants.  The second phase of Madison Square was built almost immediately due to the need for additional space for tenants.  Upon completion of the second phase, Madison Square totaled 30,000 square feet of retail space. 

The Forum was the second retail / office property developed totaling 55,000 square feet.  The Forum located at 625 Piney Forest Rd includes national, regional and local tenants.  MJRW provides premium office space at The Forum, and introduced a new upscale concept with a shared conference area, high speed Internet capability, for all the office spaces on the third and fourth floors.  These areas enjoy granite flooring in the hallways and bathrooms.  All the Forum tenants enjoy the use of the elevator which provides easy access to the large lower level parking lot.  The corporate offices of MJRW, Inc. were relocated to the third floor of The Forum in 2006.

Mr. Whittle proclaims the success of MJRW, Inc., first to the grace of the Lord, and second to the business foundations that were instilled by his father the late, Henry D. Whittle.  MJRW, Inc. would not be the success we are today without them, and his mother & family, staff, and tenants. 

Mr. Whittle chooses to be a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, a founding member of Crossroads Christian Counseling Center, and The Way Ministry, a non-denominational ministry. 

He is a member of the Danville Chamber of Commerce, Danville Golf Club, Dan River Emmaus, German Club, and the VIR Club.